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One of the significant speculations about escort girls is that they are mainly hired for sex. Many educated and elite men usually think that escort girls are only good for providing physical pleasure.

But, no, that's not the case, at least not with our Bangalore call girls. With our escort agency, you can explore many other options of a call girl and escort services that you haven't even heard of, let alone trying.

After learning the ABCs of this industry, we have expanded our services to various domains. And since then, we have been able to meet several clients' demands every day, without any complaints.

Because of this, we have quickly gained a lot of success, and now, we are regarded as one of the top escort agencies in Commercial Street Bangalore.

What are the types of escort services you can hire?

Men for physical relationships indeed hire escorts. But, in recent years, we have redefined this definition by introducing several other escort services for you. The following discussion will let you the major categories of services we deal in.

1) Body massage services: The first service we would like to discuss is female masseurs. It does sound entirely unexpected, but we assure you, our escort girls are specialized in this area and hence, you would never feel the need to complain.

2) You can hire the female masseurs for a regular, relaxing body massage with different techniques like hot oil massage, hot stone therapy, and so on. You can also ask the girl to indulge in some intimate activities once you are done with the massage therapy and feel more relaxed and active.

3) Dates and casual meets: The best thing about our independent call girls in Bangalore is that they can meet up with you for casual dates. Let's say you have a free day and want to enjoy it with someone other than your friends or family.

4) So, without overthinking, you can look for the perfect escort girl from our agency and set up a casual date. It can be arranged anywhere, like in an elite restaurant or a typical cafe. You can even take her for a tour around the city or for spending some quality moments in a park.

5) VIP escort services: Another fantastic service that we provide is the VIP escort service. Here, you will encounter some elite women who exude confidence, boldness, and elegance.

6) You can hire them to accompany you to some high-end functions like charities, galas, office parties, and so on. They know how to carry themselves with elegance to stand out in the crowd and useful way. One thing is sure- you would never feel embarrassed with our VIP escorts by your side.

7) Housewife escort services: Sometimes, you feel so tensed and suffocated in your life that you seek from some helpful advice, especially if the problems are in your married life. It is under such scenarios you can look for our married female escorts Bangalore.

8) They are married, and hence they will understand the problems you are facing. They will never intervene in your personal life. But yes, they will listen to you and upon being asked will provide you with helpful suggestions. You can either get indulged in a peaceful night full of talking or get some relief via physical activities with them.

9) Independent escort services: Our independent escorts in Bangalore love their freedom, and hence they are always curt and feisty. If you are looking for a challenge, you need to hire one of our independent call girls.

10) They are entirely professional and know where their boundaries lie. One thing which sets them apart is their performance. They are not timid and shy. Instead, they are outspoken and will make you feel relaxed by various means, be it a body massage, a pole dance show, stripping show, role plays, and others.

11) Sexual escort services: Lastly, you can solely hire our escort girls for your sexual pleasure. You have to let us know what kind of physical services you are looking for, like vanilla sex, BDSM, bondage and submission, mature sex, role plays, Russian models, and so on. Based on your physical desires, you will be able to choose the perfect girl for the night.

What are the things you should consider while being with an escort?

Since we have become a well-known Bangalore escorts agency, you need to know some limitations and rules.

•You have to let us know about your sexual preferences to avoid any complications later on.

•Our escort girls will follow your commands but only till they are comfortable with it. If they are not feeling safe and comfortable, they can reject your proposal straightway.

•No means of torture or violent behaviour will be accepted from your part. We are very much concerned about the safety of our girls, and hence this rule.

•If you are hiring our escorts, you need to let us know about the place and time beforehand to check the availability of the chosen girl.

We provide some of the best escorts in Bangalore, who are well-trained, professional and know what they have to do. If you feel someone's company or want to explore the horizons of your physical needs, give us a call immediately.